Advice for choosing a study program for students planning to study in Ukraine

Let’s help you find a course that suits your career goals

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    Each study program is a unique blend of many different components, ranging from the topics covered, to the campus location, to the profession that their studies lead to. Whether you are still contemplating potential study programs, are confused between two fields of study, or do not know what kind of career you want to pursue, UA.University Education Consultants can help you find the best pathway for you and coordinate your university application.

    1. Let’s find your best fit

    With so many study programs and universities to choose from, deciding where and what to study becomes a daunting task

    It will not be with the help of Consultants’ team; Because they are supported by an advanced information matching system, the system contains the most recent information about partner institutions including schools, language colleges, vocational colleges and universities.

    Among the main considerations that we cover in our advice:

    2. We work on your dream goals

    It may sound obvious, but your education, experiences, and interests are the first step to finding the course you want. Your UA.University personal advisor will work with you to create a short list of suitable study programs and will go into depth with you on the details of the different study program brochures and study topic options.

    3.Timelines and budgets

    Knowing how much a study program will cost and how much you can spend on your education is an important factor in choosing where to study. Your UA.University advisor will talk to you about the practical details of when to apply for studies and when you can start your studies in Ukraine.

    4.Career goals

    Your chosen program of study should put you on the path to the career you love to pursue. Your UA.University counselor will advise you on a course of study that can get you where you want to be.

    5.Course and campus life experience

    There is no doubt that the environment and social culture within the university is an important factor in determining the extent of your satisfaction and happiness with your study program. And each student’s preferences differ from others. You may feel a sense of belonging and life if you study at a university located within the bustling city, while others may prefer to study in a smaller place located in a rural area. You might want a campus with lots of cultural diversity or a university with lots of active student clubs and societies. We will take all of this into consideration as we help you make your choice.

    6.Willingness to travel

    You will receive a response from the educational institution at which you applied, usually within 3 to 5 days of submitting your application. When the educational institution accepts your enrollment, it will present to you a letter called an Invitation letter. In some cases, representatives of educational institutions or universities who regularly visit our offices can assess your application and your eligibility to join the study with them, and then immediately provide you with a letter of acceptance to study.

    7.Accept the offer and pay the fees

    If your offer of study acceptance letter does not contain any special conditions that you must fulfill before studying, you can accept the offer immediately. Examples of these conditions include submitting  a certificate with the most recent academic study you completed, or submitting certified documents. Study offers can be accepted at the UA.University office ,  UA.University Education Consultants will guide you in all the details related to that process to make it easier for you.

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    Find the course that works for you with us. UA.University will help you choose the best courses and universities that suit you
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    Entering the Ukrainian job market is a difficult challenge for many international students. Whether or not the training program is paid, is important in giving you real experience in the field you are looking to work in.

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