Why study in Ukraine? The most important features, benefits and reasons for choosing it

There are two main reasons why Ukraine is the right destination for you

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If you are looking to continue your studies, obtain an internationally recognized degree, or enter an accelerated educational pathway to a distinguished career, Ukraine offers you the best combination of these opportunities. Whether you choose to obtain a master’s degree in commerce and business administration, a degree in engineering or humanities, or a study program with a degree in English, it is difficult for any country’s universities to overcome the distinction of Ukrainian universities in terms of students ’standard of living, academic excellence, and international student support services. . Ukrainian cities, including Kahrkiv , Kyiv , Lviv , Odessa and Dnipro are ranked among the top 30 cities in the world for students.

The standard of living

The quality of life in Ukraine ranks second only to Latvia as the best in the east of Europe for quality of life. Ukraine is an important magnet for international students thanks to its well-developed infrastructure, world-leading healthcare services, an excellent and dynamic range of transportation and public transport, numerous student support services and a relatively affordable cost of living.

education level

Ukraine has a regulatory agency for higher education quality called – the Higher Education Quality and Standards Agency (NAQA). It is established by the Ukrainian government to monitor quality, regulate both university and non-university higher education institutions. This is part of a set of standards set by the independent Higher Education Standards Committee to control the educational process. In addition, the ESOS Law guarantees:

The well-being of all international students.

• Quality of student learning experience.

Providing up-to-date and accurate information.

International Student Rights

You can’t beat Ukraine when it comes to rights enforcement and consumer protection. The country has the most stringent consumer protection laws for international students. According to the ESOS Act 2000, all programs offered to foreign students meet strict government regulations.

Land of Nobel Prize Winners

15 Ukrainian scholars have received Nobel Prizes for their contributions in various fields. This underlines the quality of the education and the excellent research opportunities available in Ukraine. More than a billion people in the world depend on the innovations and discoveries provided by Ukraine. Students seeking research prospects can expect endless support from the Ukrainian government for their projects in terms of funding, provision of the best tools, laboratories and facilities.

Basic services for students provided by UA.UNIVERSITY

Studying abroad is more than just getting an acceptance letter from your chosen university or approval of your travel visa. So, to save all the hassle, we at UA.UNIVERSITY offer you some exclusive services as one of our students looking for study programs in Ukraine. Among those services insurance health for students of foreign OSHC , and accommodation services, guardianship , and luxury services, and student card benefits the IDP ISIC , telephone line UA.UNIVERSITY to help, and others more!

15 interesting facts about Ukraine

Ukraine ranks 32nd in the world in terms of population (42.49 million people), and also has the largest territory of the states entirely in Europe.

1. Ukraine is the largest country in Europe. Its area is 603 628 km².

2. Ukrainian trembita is the longest wind musical instrument in the world.

Trembita is the longest wind instrument in the world

Trembita is the longest wind instrument in the world

3. One of the most famous Christmas songs in the world is Shchedryk , a folk song recorded by Ukrainian composer Nikolai Leontovich. The world knows her as Carol of the Bells or Ring Christmas Bells.

4. Ukraine ranks fourth in the world in terms of the number of citizens with higher education. The number of people with higher education per capita is above the European average.

5. The Arsenalnaya metro station in Kiev is the deepest in the world. It goes underground for 105 m. The station was built one of the first – in 1960.

6. Before the destruction by the Mongol-Tatars in 1240, Kiev was one of the largest cities in Europe , fifty times larger than London and ten times larger than Paris.

7. Khreshchatyk is the shortest central street of the capital in Europe. Its length is 1225 m.

Independence Square in Kiev

Independence Square in Kiev

8. On the territory of Ukraine is concentrated a quarter of all reserves of chernozem on Earth.   Ukraine is one of the largest grain exporters in the world.

9. The first constitution in the world was adopted in Ukraine on April 5, 1710. This was done by Pylyp Orlik, the hetman of the Zaporozhye army, it was called “The Constitution of the Rights and Freedoms of the Zaporozhye Army.” In the United States, the Constitution was adopted in 1787, in France and Poland – only in 1791.

10. The only underwater river in the world was discovered in the Black Sea. The river carries colossal volumes of water – 22,000 m 3 / sec. If this river was on land, it would rank sixth in the world for this indicator. The water flow is formed by the penetration of the saltier water of the Sea of ​​Marmara into the less saline environment of the Black Sea through the Bosphorus.

11.  In the town of Rakhiv, in the picturesque Carpathians, there is the geographical center of Europe.

Autumn morning in the Carpathians

Autumn morning in the Carpathians

12. Ostroh Academy is the first institution of higher education in Eastern Europe. It was founded in 1576 by Prince Constantine-Vasily of Ostrog.

13. Freedom Square in Kharkov – the largest in Europe. Its length reaches 750 m, and its width is 125 m.

14. Of the six monasteries in the world that have the status of lavra, three are in Ukraine. These are the Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra in Kiev, the Holy Dormition Lavra in Pochaev and the Svyatogorsk Holy Dormition Lavra in the Donetsk region.

Domes of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Domes of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

15. Among Ukrainian cities, the largest number of catering establishments per capita is in Lviv – 1,500 with a population of ~ 730 thousand people.

Panorama of Lviv

Panorama of Lviv

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