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We are fully aware that some questions cannot wait; That’s why we created the UA.University Helpline, which is a confidential, private, 24/7 service. The permanent helpline is handled by highly trained advisors ready to answer your calls and inquiries about anything. They will assist you immediately or refer you to the appropriate specialists for your inquiry.

The UA.University hotline will be there to assist you if you are:

  • Are ill and need to speak to a medical professional
  • You need legal advice regarding work, housing or the educational institution you are studying at
  • You want to contact a professional to help you cope with stress, or stress and anxiety
  • You have questions about the status of your student visa
  • You need help if travel documents are lost
  • You need to contact a support professional to help deal with severe cases of trauma

Are you under the age of 18? There is not a problem!

If you are under the age of 18, the UA.University hotline team can arrange for your parent  join you on all calls.

Emergency assistance

For life-threatening or emergency situations, call one one two (112) to contact the police, fire brigade, or ambulance , or you can call (101 – fire brigade, 102 – police, 103 – ambulance, 104 – gas service).

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