Transportation in Ukraine – Getting Around On Local Transport

Learn about transportation benefits and discounts for students in Ukraine.

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Moving from city to city quickly and easily

The cost of public transport services depends on where you live in Ukraine and what type of transportation you use. So check The state government websites like Kharkiv metro or Public Transport in Kyiv all the services offered, along with their schedules and costs.

Driving cars

Laws for driving in Ukraine do not require you to obtain an Ukrainian driver’s license or a permit for learners to drive as long as you have a temporary residence visa, and  you are allowed to use your international driver’s license during the period of your stay.

If you prefer to drive, it is best to consult the traffic authority in your Ukrainian City or territory for more information.

Transportation concessions for students

The territorial government provides some transportation concessions for students. Simply present your official student ID card and you will benefit from discounts on buses, metros, trains and aviation.

Pizza - La Trobe University, Melbourne Campus
Opening hours for stores and restaurants vary depending on where you live, but you can usually buy groceries at major supermarkets until at least 10pm every day.
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Ukraine is a country where many beautiful landscapes, depending on where you live in Ukraine, you may see the mountain ranges, the rural town, or the modern city, all of which Ukraine is rich in sights we hope you will have the opportunity to explore.
New Zealand - Sport climbing
While studying in Ukraine, you may want to explore your city or other parts of Ukraine. There are many transportation options available, which include buses, taxis, ferries, planes, cars, bicycles, and of course, walking, and these options depend on where you are going and your current location.

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