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An invitation from the university – Letter of admission is an official document confirming the applicant’s enrollment in a higher educational institution. It is drawn up in the form of a letter and contains basic information about the organization, the applicant, as well as the faculty to which he is accepted, and the expected duration of study.

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Study Invitation

An invitation from the university not only informs the applicant about the positive decision of the university admissions committee, but is also a necessary document for obtaining a study visa . As a rule, consulates accept both original invitation letters and scanned or printed copies (the requirements for letters should be checked with the consular representatives). The invitation is attached by the applicant to the general package of documents for obtaining a student visa. It is noteworthy that the letter of admission is received not only by future university students, but even by those who plan to study on university exchange programs, in summer schools , in preparatory or language courses abroad.

To receive an invitation from the university (in other words, for admission), the applicant needs to collect a complete package of documents and send it to our admissions committee. However, this in itself does not guarantee a letter of admission – you will have to wait for the final decision of the admissions committee.
The timing of receiving an invitation from the university depends on the speed of consideration of documents by the university. Often, the more prestigious the university, the higher the competition in it, and, accordingly, the longer the period for consideration of documents. Sometimes the answer comes only 4-5 working days after the applicant sent the application for admission. If an invitation from an educational institution has not arrived after 1 weeks, the applicant should write an email to the our Consultant to check the status of his application.

In order to avoid refusal to issue a study visa, the applicant should submit to the consulate or visa center an original of the letter of admission, which must be made on the letterhead of the university with the seal and signature of the responsible person. In addition, the letter should contain basic information about the organization and the applicant, including university information. The applicant should check the invitation for errors and typos, since the consulate may refuse to accept the document (for example, due to the lack of a seal), in which case the applicant will have to request a letter from the university again.
The Ukrainian Ministry of Higher Education also provides the ability to verify the validity of the study invitation, by visiting the following link and entering the study invitation number and your date of birth.

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Purpose of the invitation
  • Applying for a student visa
  • Studying at a university
Main attributes
  • Letterhead A4
  • Ministry of Education seal
  • Signature of the person in charge
Delivered by
  • Postal service or express mail 90-120 USD
Response time
  • 4-5 working days 
Foreign names
  • Letter of admission
  • Invitation letter
  • Einladung
  • Zaproszenie
  • Convention d’accueil
  • Zulassungsbescheid

What does the letter of admission contain?

University information
  • name
  • city
  • head of the institution
Information about the applicant
  • surname and name
  • date of birth 
  • citizenship
  • nationality
  • country of residence
  • country of issuing visa 
Information about the specialization
  • faculty or institute
Time frame
  • invitation period
Official details
  • invitation number
  • dates
  • Ukraine logo
  • university seal
  • signature of the admission officer

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