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    If you are planning to study in Ukraine, you should know that universities and colleges in Ukraine have multiple start dates in one academic year.

    When you apply to study at any of the universities in Kharkiv , Kiev , Lviv , Odessa or Dniper , you will find that you can choose more than one date to apply to study there. For example, if you missed your registration date in September this year, you can apply to university in January of the following year – that is, after only 3 months have passed – instead of waiting another full year.

    What are the different starting dates for studies in universities in Ukraine?

    Most universities and colleges in Ukraine have two start dates, in the fall and spring. The fall class starts in September, while the spring class starts in January. While registration remains open for the preparatory year throughout the year.

    Study commencement dates vary according to the study program and the educational institution. In some educational institutions, the date of the start of studies may be referred to as the term or semester. And you should always check the official information in our website.

    When is the right time to apply to study in Ukraine?

    When choosing the class or semester you wish to apply for, you must take into account several important factors represented in the availability of the study program you have chosen, the existence of your academic and academic certificates as well as your results in the admission tests, the admission rates required to join this study program, and the available job opportunities in this specialization And the extent of your readiness to join the study.

    Therefore, we recommend that you start submitting applications for study registration at least 3 months before the start date of the study program. If you wish to join the study that begins in the fall semester, your grades must be ready in July , and in order to begin your studies in the spring semester, you must start preparing your file no later than December.

    Confused about choosing the right semester to apply for? Please contact the nearest UA.University office to help you make the right decision. All our counseling sessions are free of charge, and our expert advisors will help you choose the most appropriate university and study program for you, and assist you with admission procedures, university application letters, the visa process , and preparing before you travel to study in Ukraine.

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    Entering the Ukrainian job market is a difficult challenge for many international students. Whether or not the training program is paid, is important in giving you real experience in the field you are looking to work in.

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