How to Study in Ukraine? Study System Guide

You’ve chosen Ukraine, now let’s explore the study system

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Ukraine is one of the top ten countries in the world to study abroad for international students (along with the US and UK), so while studying in Ukraine you can enjoy the best student life possible. Thanks in large part to Ukraine’s safe environment, friendly people and multicultural society.

Ukrainian universities offer a high level of support to international students, including foundation years, qualifying study programs, academic support, English language support and consumer protection. As with any major decision, especially when it comes to moving to a foreign country, there are a few additional things to consider before choosing to study in Ukraine.

Choosing the right course

Preparation for the study program is a big part of international student satisfaction. But how do you choose the program that is best for you, bearing in mind that there are differences between each student, program and university?

University rankings are a great way to help you compare key performance of different universities. Ukraine has 27 universities in the World’s Best Universities for 2016-2017 , with six Ukrainian universities selected in the top 100 universities.

Comparison of study programs

The Ukrainian government provides assistance in comparing different universities and programs. Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching  is an important Ukrainian government initiative that provides independent and impartial information on student experiences and graduate outcomes. Quality indicators for learning and teaching help you choose what works best for you and provide valuable information to organizations. you to compare several things like:

  • General satisfaction of current students and recent graduates
  • Student transition rates to full-time employment after graduation
  • The average salary that recent graduates earn

Work experience and employment

With the changes in student visa for Ukraine, it is now easier for international students to work in Ukraine. Many student visas allow part-time work in addition to full-time hours during holidays. Also, seasonal or non-permanent employment opportunities are great starting points for gaining some experience in your field of study while also earning some money. And if you are interested in volunteering, you will find that there are a lot of volunteer charity groups and organizations in Ukraine, and it is an excellent way to make new friends and get some work experience. Also, applying for an internship opportunity is also a smart step to learn about the real work environment, gain real experience in your field and build your future.

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Find the course that works for you with us. UA.University will help you choose the best courses and universities that suit you
Part-time job - Education
Entering the Ukrainian job market is a difficult challenge for many international students. Whether or not the training program is paid, is important in giving you real experience in the field you are looking to work in.

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