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When you choose to study in Ukraine, you can be assured of the unmatched quality of education there. And be sure that you will obtain a university qualification that is internationally recognized on the widest scale, and that you can get excellent employment opportunities. Ukrainian universities are famous for their research and training methodologies, which makes them a popular destination with international students.

Among the most important points of excellence for higher education in Ukraine is the academic excellence of universities, distinguished campus life, qualified professors with experience, in addition to other factors that distinguish Ukrainian universities in the highest and highest ranks of the global QS and World University Rankings consistently. In Ukraine, there is an excellent curriculum that focuses on various skills such as critical thinking, creativity, communication skills, analytical thinking, foundations for ethical work and many other high educational principles.

In addition, Ukraine offers a wide variety of study programs – you can choose from 22,000 types of study programs available at more than 1,100 educational institutions. In addition, there are five of the best student cities in Europe in Ukraine: Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa and Dnipro.

Ukrainian Qualifications Framework NQF

The Ukrainian education system is distinguished by the Ukrainian Qualifications Framework called NQF. It is a national policy developed in 1998 to define the qualification standards for the higher education sector with its two wings (higher education, vocational education and training), in addition to the high school diploma for graduation from the school. Thus, this leads the NQF to have your degree officially recognized by the government.

And under the NQF there are 10 levels that link the various stages of education with schools, colleges, universities and educational institutions with each other in a unified national system. This allows for the flexibility of graduation and transfer of students and the smooth selection and planning of the future and the level of study from one stage to another if the requirements and conditions are met.

Levels of the Ukrainian education system

The Ukrainian education system consists of three levels with the main levels of education being primary, secondary and tertiary education. Below is an overview of the different levels and qualifications available under the NQF:

Levels and qualifications according to the Ukrainian NQF
first level Certificate I
 Second level  Certificate II
 third level  Certificate III
 Fourth level  Fourth certificate
 Fifth level  diploma
 Sixth level  Advanced diploma, associate degree
 Seventh level  Bachelor’s degree
 Eighth level  Bachelor’s degree with honors, postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma
 Ninth level  Master’s degree
 Level ten  PHD degree

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University education is the highest level of education in Ukraine. Through it, you can choose between 810 universities, including 780 publicly funded universities, two international universities, and 16 private universities. You can also choose a bachelor’s degree or postgraduate programs that include certificates, postgraduate diplomas, master’s and doctoral programs.

Students can also enroll in vocational education courses that act as a gateway to university or industrial education for work. These programs focus on practical skills and industrial training, and are offered by government-funded institutions ( for technical and further education) in addition to private institutions.

Higher Education

It relates to higher education offered at the undergraduate level with bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. Through the skills and knowledge acquired at those levels, the student is able to prepare for the job market directly.

Fee payment system

The average tuition fee at Ukrainian higher education institutions ranges between  $ 1800 and $ 4800 per year. The Ukrainian government recommends an individual student budget of 3600$ per year to cover living expenses. Unfortunately, accommodation costs constitute a large part of these living expenses; Where a financial allowance must be made for entertainment, and a budget for emergencies, in addition to health expenses that are not covered by the health insurance for foreign students. Changes in currency exchange rates may affect that budget. This is why knowing the average cost of living in Ukraine is an important part of preparing your financial budget.

Foundations of Ukrainian Classroom Teaching

Ukrainian education focuses on scientific knowledge, practical experience, and preparing students for the job market. Universities in Ukraine offer a research-based curriculum where you, as a student, must apply all the concepts and ideas that you get in the semester.

Technical Schools

The Ukrainian education system allows students to register for professional courses that allow them to skip university education and apply directly to jobs. These programs focus on practical learning and industrial skills in contrast to the regular study programs that focus more on theoretical and in-depth knowledge. This model is offered by many schools of additional technical education. Be aware that these programs offer certificates, diplomas, or advanced diplomas. Among the jobs that students of vocational education and training can work in are manufacturing in various fields and specialties, hospitality services, sports, tourism, commerce and business, and marketing.

Preparatory course – Transit Bridge for Higher Education in Ukraine

International students may need additional support and assistance to get used to the new education system and the Ukrainian curriculum. Therefore, there are many foundation path programs available to prepare students for higher education, and they consist of foundation courses and English language programs and and Ukrainian language programs.

University application dates

Ukrainian universities offer two main application dates:

The first semester :begins at the end of July / early August, and then ends in November

Second term : begins at the early of January  / early February and ends at the end of March

Ukrainian high schools start in late August , while university and career education programs start around September. While the school system consists of three to four semesters, universities have only two semesters. Students are given a break of two to four weeks between the two semesters, while the summer end-of-year break is the longest.

English language training

Ukraine speaks the Ukrainian language, in which all educational processes take place in the country, so it is better to know this language. Study programs are available for foreign students by choice, either in English or Ukrainian. If you have limited language ability, you may need to enroll in an English language program before starting your study program.

Graduate Studies

Both universities and colleges in Ukraine offer distinct postgraduate programs. There are three types of master’s degrees – a master’s degree (study programs), a master’s degree (research), and a master’s degree (extended). Likewise, at the doctoral level, there are two forms of it – Research Doctorate (Doctor of Philosophy degree) and Professional Doctorate. You must understand that the criteria for admission to postgraduate studies are very competitive, including fluency in English or Ukrainian Language and excellent academic qualifications. You should also know that some programs and majors such as architecture and medicine are only offered by universities.

Job opportunities after graduation

Ukraine offers many job opportunities after graduation. You can apply for a Permanent residence after your graduation that will allow you to stay to study and work in Ukraine. And if you wish to continue your studies, you can apply for the next level of study due to the availability of suitable programs for the right candidate.

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