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We know very well that studying abroad is a difficult decision, and we know that you do not travel every day to wander the halls of one of the Ukrainian’s famous universities or take a study tour of the Kharkiv National Medical University. But studying in Ukraine for us is our daily work. Let’s honestly tell you that we know very well what international students like you are looking for, from a balance of good education and amazing life experiences.

Here’s the answer to some of the most common questions your fellow students ask us:

Are you really ready to study in Ukraine?

Studying abroad is a big step in your life. All students feel anxious when starting a new study program, but for you as an international student it is different; You will get used to living in a new country, a new city and perhaps speaking another language and / or with another accent.

All these things add up to the amazing adventure awaits you !

However, it is a good idea to speak openly with your family or one of our advisors about any concerns you have before applying to study in Ukraine, so that you are confident and ready to take the next step. Also, chatting with friends or tutors who have studied abroad will give you some valuable advice and real experience that should be taken into consideration.

What are the services offered by UA.University?

Students like you come to us for advice and assistance with everything, from choosing a city of study, university or program of study, as well as assistance with applying to study. We also provide advice on housing options, applying for a visa, and helping to identify other support partners such as property rental agents and student and alumni associations.

Which cities can i choose from to study in Ukraine?

We represent a wide range of universities, schools and colleges in Kharkiv , Kyiv, Lviv , Dnipro and the Odessa .

How do I apply to study in Ukraine?

UA.University Education Consultants will help you complete your application and confirm the required documents. Your advisor will then submit your application on your behalf to the university or institution of your choice.

Should I schedule an appointment to see an UA.University counselor?

You can make an appointment with one of our consultants by filling out the inquiry form or contacting one of our offices in Kyiv , Kharkiv and Lviv .

What certificates and other documents do I need to prepare for an interview?

You must prepare documents to verify your identity (valid passport) in addition to your academic certificates, in order to help the UA.University consultant complete your application.

What are your partner universities and schools?

UA.University represents more than 600 universities and schools in KyivKharkiv , Dnipro , Lviv , and Odessa . You can apply to study at many other cities in Ukraine.

Is there an unknown service fee charged by UA.University?

We do not charge students for the counseling services of our advisors, and there are no unknown fees.

How long does the application process for universities in Ukraine take?

It takes two to five days to process an application at the university. It may take longer than that if it is during the university application season or the holiday season.

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