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Money transfers are essential for most international students. But it might be a complex issue due to a multitude of options. If you want to make your direct bank transfers at high exchange rates without worry or tension, or if you don’t want to pay with a credit card, we have the solution.

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Why do I need that?

Money transfers are a fast and convenient way to securely pay for tuition fees, living expenses and accommodations. This is in addition to paying for the rest of the fun services, such as travel, hiking and entertainment!

For your tuition fees, you can pay money from your home country in local currency and transfer it in the currency of your destination country to the recipient such as your university or your accommodation provider.

In some countries your living expenses can be transferred directly to your Ukrainian bank account – in your local currency. And you can withdraw your money from the ATM .

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We’ve collaborated with RIA, Moneygram and Western Union banking providers to facilitate your money transfers. You can do this online quickly and easily. Your UA.UNIVERSITY education advisor guides and advises you on how to make your money transfers.

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