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It is important to organize your budget and finances, with UA.UNIVERSITY we can simplify this for you while you are abroad.

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Financial transactions in Ukraine

Keep your money safe while studying in Ukraine with an Ukrainian bank account.

  • With an Ukrainian bank account, the Ukrainian government guarantees you up to $ 250,000 of your funds in case anything happens to the bank.
  • To make things easier when you arrive in Ukraine, you can open a bank account with some banks from the first day there.
  • When you open a bank account, the bank will need to identify you with your passport and your visa .
  • Most banks in Ukraine offer discounts and specialist services to students – take your student ID card or university invitation letter with you when you visit a bank branch to obtain these banking services.
  • Phone banking services are widely spread in Ukraine, making it easy for you to pay and transfer money with your mobile phone.

We have partnered with the MONO Bank and PRIVATBANK to facilitate the provision of Ukrainian banking services. Your UA.UNIVERSITY consultant can guide you on how to organize your budget and expenses before departure.

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