Ukraine has become a hotspot for international students who wish to become doctors.
The country welcomes thousands of international students every year from all over the world.
The serenity, top-class medical education, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and pleasant
weather make it an attractive destination.

There are several countries in the world that students flock to in order to pursue their medical degrees. Out of which, China and Ukraine are the top two countries that students favor.
However, China has become a secondary option for most students because of the current pandemic, thus taking Ukraine to the No.1 spot.

Did you know that approximately 3500-5000 Indian students take medical admissions in
Ukraine every year? The high level of competition for medical seats in India leaves a lot of
students heartbroken. But, thanks to countries like Ukraine that offer medical courses at an affordable price and internationally recognized degrees, International students can still dream
of becoming successful doctors!

Why study MBBS in Ukraine?

Ukraine is a country with a 100% literacy rate, thus showcasing the country’s commitment to
good education. Here are some of the key reasons that prove that Ukraine is one of the best destinations to study medicine.

Help from the government

Most of the top medical universities in Ukraine are funded by the government. The Ukrainian government takes immense interest in keeping the reputation of the medical universities.
Therefore it is always ready to help and address any academic issues or financial difficulties colleges may face.

High standard of education

As mentioned above, the standard of medical education in Ukraine is top-notch.
The cost:quality ratio of education is excellent, which attracts thousands of international
students every year. Medical degree from Ukraine is recognized by MCI, WHO, UNESCO, NMC,
and other medical councils worldwide. The universities offer premium facilities along with
quality education, thus making it the right place to produce capable doctors.

Also, every university makes sure that the faculties hired are well-qualified. They follow specific criteria while choosing faculties for their universities. The teacher student ratio is 1:14 that
creates a wonderful environment to study.

No donations during admissions

Students don’t have to pay any hidden fees or donations while taking admissions in medical universities in Ukraine. This is one reason many Indian and international students prefer going to Ukraine rather than paying donations to Indian medical colleges.

Low cost of study

The cost of getting a medical degree in Ukraine is much lower than in most other countries. Students don’t have to break a bank in order to become a doctor in Ukraine. Low school fees
and the low cost of living make it the perfect place to get a medical degree.

Participation in international conferences and workshops

The students are given a chance to take part in international conferences or workshops where
they can learn the latest technologies in medicine. Students are encouraged to discuss
strategies actively, implement their ideas and share knowledge with one another.

Sports and extracurricular activities

Ukrainian universities believe in keeping the students active both physically and mentally. The students are given enough time to participate in extracurricular activities and sports actively so that their mental health remains healthy.


The biggest fear for most parents while sending their children abroad is about their safety. But, Ukraine is a safe country for every nationality. Also, the medical universities are located in
places that are considered safe for students and youngsters.

Why should Indian and International students study MBBS in Ukraine?

An increasing number of Indian students are choosing Ukraine to further their medical studies abroad. There are many reasons why Ukraine is an ideal place for Indian students to rush to.
Here’s why:

Simply qualify NEET

Now that the rules have changed, every Indian student needs to clear NEET to get admissions
in India or anywhere abroad. However, the good news is that you don’t need to have a high NEET
score to get admissions in Ukraine. While a high NEET score is required to obtain medical admissions in India, that is not the case if you want to go to Ukraine. Also, the NEET score is
valid for three years for admission abroad.

Large diaspora

Ukraine has a significant Indian community that has been studying in the country for a long
time. Therefore, Indian students will feel perfectly safe and comfortable being in Ukraine.

Good hostel facilities with Indian mess

Ukraine medical universities have good hostel facilities that are well-equipped. The best part is
the availability of Indian mess in the hostels. Indian students won’t miss home food that much
when in Ukraine.

MCI and WHO recognized universities

Many medical universities in Ukraine are recognized by the Medical Council of India and WHO.
After completing a medical degree, students will have to give the MCI screening and can start practicing in India immediately. Students can even opt to practice anywhere in the world after getting a medical degree from Ukraine.

The Indian embassy in Kyiv

The Indian embassy is located in Kyiv that constantly supports Indian students in the country.
The popular Kharkiv medical University is also located close by,only 4 hours by train .

FMGE coaching available

Indian students may be delighted to know that universities have the FMGE coaching facilities available. Therefore, students can take up coaching classes in the country itself without any

Eligibility criteria to study MBBS in Ukraine

Getting admitted into a reputed medical University in Ukraine is not difficult. Students don’t
have to give any tests such as IELTS or TOEFL for admission. The eligibility criteria are given

  • The minimum age to apply for MBBS admission is 17
    years on or before the 31st of
    December of the admission year.
  • The student must be from a science background and should secure at least 50% in
    secondary education. The subjects taken should be physics, chemistry, and biology
    from any board of education. Students from SC/ST/OBC backgrounds can apply with
    just 40% marks.
  • A qualified NEET( National Eligibility cum Entrance Test)
    score is essential for Indian students.
  • The candidate should be from a regular school and not
    qualified from open schools.
  • International students must have a valid passport and

Documents required during admission to MBBS

  • A complete application form with your name, age, educational qualifications, and other
  • Original mark sheets of 10th and 12th standard.
  • A notarized birth certificate.
  • NEET certificate
  • Bank statement of the local guardian.
  • Passport with validity of at least two years.
  • Invitation letter from the respective medical university
  • 10 passport size photographs measuring 4.5×3.5 cm.
  • Medical health certificate along with HIV report.
  • All documents should be authorized by the Ministry of External Affairs in your country.

Breakdown of the admission process

Ukraine medical universities invite international students
twice a year. But for courses such as Masters in medicine or other postgraduate courses, admissions are open
throughout the year, Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the entire undergraduate admission

Pre-application process

✔ Begin by choosing the program you want to enroll in and shortlist the universities. Thoroughly research the universities by looking at their ranking, curriculum fees, accreditation, and other
such factors.

✔ Note down the application deadlines of the universities.
Start applying by contacting our consolation team thru Contact Form .

✔ Check the eligibility criteria of the universities to see if you are eligible for them. The general eligibility criteria of medical universities for undergraduates are given above.

Application process

✔ Students may be required to give a standard basic test by the university. This test is easy, so students don’t have to
worry much.

✔ Students need to register with the UA.University and
submit the documents. Scan all the required documents
such as mark sheets, NEET certificate along with the
passport and submit them to the respective universities via the online admission portal. register with us and meet for
free with one of our educational advisors ready to help you!

✔ You may be asked to pay $300USD to the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine
during the application process to study in Ukraine. This fee includes the invitation fee, airport pickup and
accompaniment to your chosen university, information
support fee, etc.

Post-application process
✔ Students need to wait for the invitation letter from the university patiently. It usually takes
about three to five working days for a university to issue the letter. An important reminder
here is that invitation letters are valid for a period of 6
months only.

✔ Upon receiving the invitation letter, students need to visit the Ukrainian Embassy in his
country and apply for a visa.

Top ranking medical universities in Ukraine

While Ukraine has many top medical universities, there are some that rank top on the list.
Here is a list of the top 5 ranking medical universities in the countries.

1.Bukovinian State Medical University

Located in Chernivtsi, the BSMU is currently regarded as the top medical university in Ukraine.
It was founded in October 1944 and has a modern infrastructure with one of the highest levels
of accreditations.

The university consists of 47 departments with 7 faculties
and has trained over 25,000
specialists over the years. The university has produced
famous personalities through its well-disciplined educational system. Given below are few features that make this
university a good choice for Indian students.

It is the only university that has a separate hostel for both
boys and girls. The campus has 5 different hostels that are equipped with internet, reading rooms, and sports gymnasia.
The hostel also provides Indian mess that is cooked by
Indian chefs.
There are more than 1800 Indian students studying in the university with over 120 Indian
Students Society. These societies strive to work for the
welfare of the students.
According to reports, the MCI passing percentage from the university was about 65%
in the 2019 FMGE. The university has produced the highest
rate of FMGE qualifiers for
many years now. Students can even take MCI coaching with additional costs.
The total tuition fees are approximately 16 lakhs which is very
low. The university
also gives out scholarships to students every year.
The International Airport is just 15-20 minutes away by car from the hostels.

2.Vinnitsa National Medical University

Boasting several highly qualified professionals with international recognition as faculty,
the VNMU is one of the best among the lot. The university offers a high standard of medical education to its students along with international exposure. The university is
with the status of higher educational establishment of the highest (IV) level.

Vinnitsa university has collaborated with multiple pharmacies of foreign countries along
with State programs, thus giving students the last way to update technologies in medicine.
This university is a good pick for Indian students because of the following reasons:

The university produces one of the highest percentages of
students qualifying for the FMGE test.
Indian students can avail themselves of MCI coaching
facilities at an additional cost.
There are more than 1200 Indian students at the university,
and the number is increasing every year. Welfare societies by Indian students help freshers to feel at home.
The university is recognized by both MCI and WHO.
The tuition fees are approximately 21 lakhs and are the
highest among other medical
universities in Ukraine. However, students get the benefit of world-class infrastructure with top faculty members.
The facility of Indian mess in hostel started in 2019.
The hostels are located just 2-3 minutes away from the

3.Lviv National Medical University

Lviv National Medical University is one of the oldest in
Ukraine that was established in 1784. Being over 230 years
old, the university has major experience in producing outstanding doctors every year. The university has limited seats that fill up very fast every year. Given below are the few reasons that make this university one of the best for Indian students:

The FMGE results from the university have been consistently excellent over the years.

Many Indian students compete for this university because of
its experienced old faculty and strict discipline.
The university is located in one of the most beautiful cities in
Ukraine, Lviv, where students
enjoy the picturesque landscape.
During the first three years of this degree, students get to
enjoy the benefits of having all the hostels and medical facilities on the campus itself, This gives them the comfort
and security
they need when moving to a new country.
The tuition fees are approximately 20 lakh which isn’t as
cheap as the other universities,
but much affordable than studying in Indian medical colleges.
There are more than 500 Indian students studying in Lviv, so
you will have the chance to
interact with the Indian community and exchange ideas.
The university is recognized by the MCI and WHO.
The university does not have an Indian mess, but students
can get Indian food in the city and have them delivered to
the hostel.
Lviv University has more than 150 professors who are well
trained to assist researchers and undergraduates.
There is no language barrier, and students can study both in
English or Ukrainian languages.

4.V.N Karazin Kharkiv National University

The V.N Karazin Kharkiv National University is located in the beautiful city of Kharkiv. Nicknamed
as the “student’s city of Ukraine,” Kharkiv has a huge
population of international students,including Indian students.

The city currently has four medical universities, out of which the V.N Karazin Kharkiv University
is one of the best, with a good number of Indian students.

According to the QS Global World Ranking 2021, the
university takes the 491st position in theworld, thus making it one of the top-500 ranked universities.

The university has produced 3 Nobel Laureates in the past
and continues to give top-class education to the students.
The university is most favored by Indian students because of the following reasons:

The university is recognized by the MCI and WHO.
The city has the highest number of Indian students in Ukraine. Therefore, Indian festivals are popularly celebrated in the city. The big Indian community makes it a comfortable place for
new Indian students to adjust.
There is a hostel facility available for international students.
Indian students can opt for Indian mess in the hostels.
The university is affiliated with 61 partner universities in over
25 countries worldwide. Therefore, students get extensive international exposure through conferences and interactions.
The primary medium of education in the university is English. However, students can opt for preparatory courses if they
want to study medicine in some other language.
The tuition fees are approximately 18 lakhs for the full course,
which is quite affordable for Indian students.

5.Ternopil State Medical University

Ternopil State Medical University is one of the top premier medical universities in Ukraine. It was founded in 1957 and
was accredited to the IVth level of educational status by the Ukrainian government. The university currently enrolls over 1500 international students every year,
including Indian students. The university was granted the status of a National University in 2019 because of its valuable contribution to the field of medicine. The university is a top pick among Indian students because of the following

The university has a vast Indian Diaspora with students from many states in India, It is one of
the two universities in Ukraine that has an Indian Student Society. Therefore, Indian students
can easily blend into the university with the help of other fellows Indians.
An MBBS degree from TSMU is highly respected and
recognized all over the world.
The university consistently ranks as one of the top medical
universities in Europe.
The university has over 150 faculty members with a good teacher: student ratio. The classes are conducted in the English language, making it a perfect space for international students.
There is a hostel facility available for both boys and girls, and
Indian students can opt for Indian mess.
There are over 1500 Indian students in the university.
The university is recognized by MCI and WHO. Medical
graduates can practice anywhere in the world after
completion of the course.
Students don’t need to pay any donation or hidden fees. The total cost of the course is approximately 18 lakhs which is
quite affordable for international students.

A quick guide to choosing the best medical university in Ukraine

Ukraine has numerous medical universities that are good, but selecting the best one for you may take some additional research and time. Being an International student in a foreign country can come with its own set of challenges and experiences. Here is a list of things you can primarily focus
on while choosing a university:

Firstly, make sure that you can afford the university fees.
Check the overall expense, including tuition and hostel fees.
If you want to rent out a place, then do a background check
on the area where the university is and the living costs there.
Check if the university has Indian students as alumni. If you can’t live without Indian food, then make sure that the university hostel provides an Indian mess.

Refrain from choosing a university that has been recognized
by the MCI only recently.


Studying MBBS in Ukraine is an excellent decision because of the quality of education the country provides. The government takes special care in looking after the universities and also ensuring that the international students are hassle-free while studying.

The complete duration of the course is about 5.8 years, along with an internship. Fresh medical graduates can practice anywhere in the world after getting a meical degree from Ukraine. Ukraine offers an affordable and more accessible way to become a doctor without compromising on the quality of training.

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