How to you use your personal page on the Internet to get jobs?

As an international student, you may have a lot of personal online accounts to connect with, but do you communicate professionally? With the current technological advancements, it is not surprising that business owners these days are taking advantage of social media in their search for employees.

Recruiters and hiring managers do not wait to reach you, but make the most of your use of the Internet and try to stand out in the competitive job market through these simple steps:

Develop your personal page

Creating your social media profile is like creating a resume, except it’s done online. So when you fill in your details on your online page, be sure to add your educational background, your appointment date, and your skills related to the jobs you want to join. You should also focus on your accomplishments and the current organizations you belong to.

In addition, if you want to know a lot of job opportunities , you should add your email address to your page and talk about your career desires, so that the recruiters can contact you.

Update your page and make it more professional

Whether you prefer it or not, your profile picture is the first thing people see when they visit your profile. In order to have a strong online presence, you should start by adding a professional image to your profile. This does not necessarily mean that you are wearing a formal dress, but the photo should be clear and of high quality. Don’t forget to update your information when necessary, especially when you take on a new position in an organization.

To keep your digital identity professional, you should delete photos or comments that appear unprofessional. And if you want to give the employer a positive impression about you, delete the information that you do not want them to see on your personal account.

Follow professional groups

There are many professional groups on social networking sites that can help you learn about the latest developments in your field, meet professional colleagues and expand your professional network.

Be sure to join these groups and follow organizations related to the job you are looking for. You should also communicate with your classmates, professors and other people interested in the same field of work.

And when you do all of this, you give recruiters the impression that you are interested in a particular field of study or career.

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