Organizing when packing your luggage saves you a lot of time and fatigue in your new country; So you should know what to bring with you from home, or what to buy in your new country.

Before you drag your bag behind, let’s review this list:

Organize things before departure

1-  Upload copies of documents, photos and music to the cloud storage

2-  Keeping details of important content and information in a document on Google

3-  Knowing when your plane is due, weight restrictions, entertainment and meals

4-  Arranging for transportation after disembarking from the plane

5-  If you brought your phone with you, download an application to communicate with your family and friends using the Wi-Fi network

6-  Add something to your bag to distinguish it from others

7-  Bring a handbag to use on daily trips and daily use

Are you done with all of the things in the previous list? Let’s now start packing your bags!

What should you put in your bag?

1-  A copy of your passport

2-  Personal care supplies such as contact lenses and their solutions and personal hygiene tools such as razors and shaving products

3-  A power supply / circuit board that allows you to connect multiple devices to one adapter

4-  Any books / materials you need in your study

5-  Clothes suitable for the seasons during which you will be present in Australia

What do you keep in your bag?

Not sure what to put in your bag? The following items can help you get started in the packing process:


• A  passport containing a valid visa

•  Confirmation of registration at the university

• Some currencies in dollar or euro ( a small amount of money you need when you arrive)

2-  A memo to record your experiences

3-  Your necessary medications and medical papers

4- A  travel charger for your electrical devices

5- A  dictionary to check the meanings of the words that you do not know

6-  Camera

7-  Telephone

8-  Some clothes to use in case your bag gets delayed

9-  Notes containing information about accommodation, post-flight transportation arrangements, and a list of telephone numbers

10-  Earphones for entertainment on board

Don’t take this stuff with you!

There are some things that you prefer to leave at home, so avoid wasting your money or things that cost you in customs, and make sure not to bring the following things with you:

•  Spices and plant products that can be easily purchased from the market

•  Papers and pens for the study

•  Large amounts of money

•  smuggled goods (such as movies)

•  Anything can be considered as a weapon

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Our experienced advisors will guide you through the visa application stage, and assist you in preparing the necessary documents for the application process.
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Your academic journey in Ukraine can be easy if you make sure you have the right housing and make arrangements to arrive in the new country.
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Your advisor can advise you about opening a bank account in your new country and give you advice on transferring money.
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Organizing when packing your luggage saves you a lot of time and fatigue in your new country; So you should know what to bring from home with you, or what to buy in your new country.

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