Kharkiv is known as one of the most famous cities in the world and is recognized worldwide as a favorite for travel and learning . Ukraine has many world-class universities in and around Kharkiv, such as the Kharkiv National Medical University, University V.N.karazin, the University National of Radio Electronic. These universities are some of the Ukrainian universities that occupy their place in the list of the top 100 universities in the world . Their reputation is not only due to the excellent faculty level, high graduate employment rate, and unlimited support for students, but also because of their location in the City of Kharkiv.

Kharkiv is a major metropolitan city that everyone wants to visit, live in, or study in one of its ancient institutions. Thus, if you want to stay and stay in Kharkov, you need to know some specific tips and tricks that can reduce your financial burden in that city.

For students, living in Kharkiv can be quite challenging in terms of the cost of living. Hence, this article is specifically intended for those who are planning to travel for their undergraduate or postgraduate studies there. In the article we have taken advantage of a summary of the experiences of our former students who have become experts in living in Kharkiv, and we have also added the information and experiences of our recent graduates (and don’t worry, our information is not outdated) to provide you with an insight into how to live and manage your expenses during your stay in Kharkiv.

Not only will this financial guide lead you into a difficult and destitute life, but you will enjoy Kharkiv with a wise economic mind. Follow the guide for the best tips for a very healthy lifestyle that will balance your budget with your tuition fees in Kharkiv.

1- Set your budget correctly

We understand that you live in an upscale city with a medium cost of living, where the price of one sandwich can be around $ 1.5. Therefore, beginners need to set their budget judiciously and correctly. Realize that you will not be able to live on $ 100 a month, so you should have a reasonable budget and keep the following essentials in mind.

  • Housing rent: You will most likely be staying in either a rental apartment or student residence. Whatever the choice, add this fixed amount into your monthly budget.
  • Food commodities: You will need some food commodities in your home – regardless of whether or not you cook your daily meals. You will definitely need bread, eggs and milk, for example for breakfast.
  • Bills: If you live in a student residence you don’t need to worry about that. If you have private accommodation, try adding the estimated costs of your outstanding bills to your monthly budget. And don’t forget the transportation costs, too.
  • Picnic and Recreation: You will go out to hang out with your friends or even solo on the weekends or even sometimes during the week. Try to calculate the number of times you expect to go out in a month so that you can add an average cost of at least $ 5 per meal to your budget.
  • Shopping: The seasons will change throughout the year and therefore your clothes will also change according to the weather, and you will want to buy new clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. needs. Our advice to you is to wait for the discounts as it is the best time for shopping in London.
  • Miscellaneous expenses: Add an estimated amount of unspecified miscellaneous expenses to your budget.

Add all the necessary expenses then calculate them all, now you will know how much you will need to spend at least monthly.

2- Use the student’s transportation card

You can save a lot of money with two options; The student card and the electronic / magnetic contactless card. You can use this card in (subways, trams, trolleybuses), so it is more economical for you to purchase a transportation card . You can get up to 50% off regular transportation if you take advantage of the student discount.

3- Useful mobile applications

You can download many applications on your phone that will save you a lot of money in various affairs. The application of Kharkiv city “Huawei AppGallery , AppStore and Google Play “. , for example , gives you discounts on food, clothing, makeup, accessories, and brands of electronic and so forth. Also, search for your university’s apps, you might be fortunate to have good university discounts on and off campus.

4- Student discounts. Take advantage of the vouchers!

You’ll always get the benefits of student discounts, as nearly every place in Kharkiv offers student discounts. When you start your studies in September, wait for a lot of student discounts (H&M stores, for example, offer a student discount before the start of each semester). You can also find discount vouchers throughout the school year.

5- Personal residency

You can save a lot of money if you have private accommodation or if you share your accommodation with one of your friends. Evaluate and compare both options economically before deciding where to live during the school year .

6- cook your own meals!

Yeah! This point is essential for saving a lot of money. Cooking your own meals will help you economically in Kharkiv. Buy the food items you need every week and cook for yourself. Otherwise, the average price for a good meal in London is between $ 2 to $ 5.

7- Use your cards carefully

Try not to use your credit and bank cards everywhere because the card pushes you to spend more; Almost everywhere in Kharkiv there are machines and means of making credit. For this reason, it is not preferable to enter your personal identification number or pass your credit card to the machines, so that these banking facilities do not contribute to a steady waste of your savings. These modern technological financial operations are very easy and fast, so you can trust us that they waste your financial savings in a large way, because during these operations you do not realize how much you spend for the ease of the buying process. Hence, we suggest that you carry paper cash for your financial transactions instead of cards.

8- Try to work part-time

There are part-time jobs at universities and elsewhere, such as restaurants. Sometimes you may be lucky and get more profit than you expected, and you can save that extra savings or spend it on travel and outings outside Kharkiv.

9- Keep a complete record of your money and cash transactions

Write down your various expenses, it will help you adjust and plan your budget better and more accurately.

10- Do not use Uber or taxis for unnecessary transportation

Avoid Uber and taxis for unnecessary commutes and try to avoid using them during peak hours. If it is necessary to use them, share the fare for that transportation with a friend, this will help you a lot in saving expenses.

These are the little tips you should keep in mind and think about before you embark on your educational path. We want to see you be successful academically and financially!

Would you like to know more advice about studying in Ukraine ? Ask your UA.University advisor now!

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