It is important for you as an international student to understand how to maintain a balance between your academic and social life. We all have our own way of studying, and it is really important to know which method works best for you. So, here we have shown you 8 great tips to help you release study stress and anxiety:

1- Make your plans in advance

Establish a schedule of your course materials and lectures to determine the sufficient time you need to start your pre-exam reviews. It is best to start studying early to avoid any stress. Recall your lessons daily or weekly and choose the most appropriate method for you, and do not hesitate to turn to your teachers and help your colleagues. Be aware that you will need some time to adapt the education system to your new school destination, which may be different from the education system in your home country.

2-Be organized

Make sure you have all the necessary study materials you need to start your studies and study your lessons. If you do not have some books or references, go to the library or borrow writing from a friend to make a copy. Do not delay preparing these important things for the pre-exam period.

3- Study and studying environment

It is very important to know what kind of environment suits you and encourages you to study. So he wondered, is it better for you to study in the library, bedroom, or noisy café, for example? And do you feel more productive in the early morning, afternoon, or quiet night? It is important to build your effective study environment so that you make the most of your time. And don’t forget to take an adequate amount of rest while studying.

4- Prepare your schedule to study

Preparing a solid study plan is a great way to succeed. Your schedule must clarify the time schedule in which you intend to divide your study effort and study according to whether it is a day or a week, for example. Try to make your schedule as realistic as possible, taking into account your other daily activities. You can also post your plans on the wall as a daily reminder of them and their progress.

5- Ask if you have doubts

Feel free to ask your teachers and friends any of your doubts. You can also create a Study Group with your fellow students. This group will be an important means of support and one of the factors in building your social network on campus.

6- Trained for the previous tests

Find the texts of the exams of the past years and make use of these papers to know and answer their questions, which will undoubtedly help you understand the type of exams you will be exposed to at the end of the school year and how to organize your answers to them.

7- Learn to manage crisis and neutralize anxiety

It’s normal for you, like anyone, to experience anxiety and stress from studying, but don’t let that affect your life or your grades. You should avoid stress by taking frequent breaks, eat your food and drink well and water regularly, and don’t skimp on yourself by spending some time relaxing. Exercise is also known to significantly reduce stress levels while keeping you in shape.

8- Take advantage of your university’s resources

You will find many resources available on your campus or college for you to make the most of them. Many universities provide support services for international and international students, such as counselors, who help you face academic and personal problems that you may encounter.

It is very important that you understand that excessive study will only realize and not benefit you. Study and remember your lessons intelligently and orderly so that you get good grades and desired, thus peace of mind and happiness away from harmful anxiety and tension.

Published On: April 11th, 2021 / Categories: living in Ukraine /

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