It is well known that forming relationships with others is extremely important, but does it make any sense for international students to form friendships with people who may never see them again because they will return home after graduation?

Establishing good relationships with people you may meet abroad is a wonderful opportunity ahead of you, especially when it comes time to look for a job . Often times, you will find that what helps you achieve future success is “not what you know, but“ who you know. ”Here is a set of tips to help you build successful relationships while studying abroad:

Start forming a network of friends and acquaintances

The people you know in school can be a tool for expanding your relationships. Start creating meaningful relationships with your classmates, teachers, gym classmates, or classmates. And if you find it difficult to meet different people, introducing yourself to the person sitting next to you in class is simple but will help you improve your self-confidence. This may require that you step out of your comfort zone and start gradually. You can also move around the classroom and change places you used to sit in the classroom.

Build good relationships with your teachers

It is very likely that your professors and teachers will have many knowledge in the area of ​​specialization you are studying. Also, by virtue of their years of experience in this field, they certainly know the secrets and secrets of the field that you are interested in. They can also help you participate in social events and provide you with first-hand information about training opportunities or professional developments for the job you want to join. Your professor is an important source of advice and guidance; Make sure you benefit from their help.

Participate in networking events and events

Social networking events, seminars and workshops are excellent opportunities to strengthen your relationships with others; Make sure not to miss an invitation or advertisement from your institution’s Student Career Center. We know meeting people for the first time can be overwhelming and embarrassing, but with constant engagement, talking to strangers will over time be easy and natural. Professional jobs are also a great opportunity to meet influencers with whom you can interact. Remember that it is not every day that there is an opportunity to network with experts and leaders in your field of study. Although it is difficult to get to know everyone in the same place, there is always a chance to communicate later, and this leads us to the next advice …

Make sure to take advantage of social media

The easiest way to build a network of relationships with others may be through social networks, as social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter are great platforms for communicating with professionals in an informal way. Therefore, be proactive and reach out to the institutions and lead the industry in the field of your choice, where they can share their views that may be useful in walking the road. Also, make sure to follow any networking opportunities, job vacancies or professional events through the news that appears to you on social media.

Published On: April 10th, 2021 / Categories: living in Ukraine /

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