Easy tips to budget yourself when studying in Ukraine

It can be difficult to manage your finances as an international student abroad. But with some basic planning and balance you’ll have enough money to cover your expenses.

1- Create a bank account

You have to create a bank account in the new country you are studying in. UA.UNIVERSITY advisors can assist you in obtaining the most recent information on the appropriate bank accounts for you. And due to the difference in services from one bank to another, make sure that you choose only the right banking services for you as a student.

2- Plan your budget

It is very important to be aware of your financial situation on a monthly basis and you will be able to do this by planning a monthly budget for your resources and expenses. It may include important fixed items such as monthly housing rent, utility bills, food and groceries, transportation, and means of communication such as phone, internet, entertainment, study materials, and others. It is wise to save some money every month for emergencies as an additional material margin.

3-Act with discretion and wisdom

Studying abroad is really expensive, but smart and judicious planning can help you achieve your goal successfully. Determine precisely what you need and want, know the best ways to achieve it, and start by prioritizing your own. Find ways to save your money and use it wisely. You can also reduce your daily expenses in simple ways such as:

• Shared housing

• Obtaining student discounts cards

• Buying used books or downloading electronic copies of them

• Subscribe to a library

• Get transportation discounts for students

• Shop during the sales seasons

• Shop from public consumer complexes


4- Find a job to develop yourself

You are allowed to work in most study destinations for up to 20 hours per week full-time during your study break. Check if your student visa allows you to work. Certainly, the work will help you financially and give you the required practical experience. And remember, you must legally pay taxes on your earnings, so check the laws of the new country in which you will study and work.

5- Take advantage of being a student

Try to get discount cards available to students. These cards help you financially to obtain discounts in restaurants, stores, cinemas, transportation, and various cultural events. There are many websites that offer great discounts to students on events, activities and shopping offers.

If you are traveling to Ukraine, ask your UA.University advisor about the student ISIC to take advantage of thousands of offers for full-time international students in Ukraine.

6- Learn about the activities available there

Know and avoid activities that may cost you more than you will benefit from. And if you suffer from financial pressures, regulate your expenses and your shopping, and avoid eating in fancy restaurants.

7- Learn to cook

Instead of eating at restaurants, buy fresh ingredients and cook at home. This could save you between 30% and 50% of your food budget. If you don’t have time for this, cook a large amount that will last you for a few days and store or save so that you do not need to cook daily.

8- Explore your new destination

Each place has different attractions and places to explore and enjoy, and you may find many unique attractions available for free or at nominal prices. So look for such sites and go explore them!

9. Use a bike

If your campus is close to where you live, why not go by bike? This will save you some money and is a sporty and healthy option as well.

Published On: April 9th, 2021 / Categories: living in Ukraine /

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