Awesome tips to land a great job

The number of new graduates entering the global job market annually continues to grow; It is therefore not surprising that some students are concerned about finding employment opportunities after graduation. Therefore , having a graduation nearing , or already graduated, you may wonder about the best way to get a job in a competitive job market.

Be active

Laziness definitely won’t help you land your first real job. Try to avoid laziness, and instead create a plan for your job application efforts. Prepare a list of at least five to ten companies, and try in various possible ways to succeed in applying to the job of your dreams.

Create a network of social relationships

Career experts believe that many recent graduates worry that they do not have the large network of personal relationships that could aid them in their job search. Make sure to get to know lots of people while you study. You can start with your friends, parents, or even family acquaintances. Try to reach as many people as you know, whether they are with you at the university or outside.

Avoid using generic resume formats

You can’t stand out by submitting a generic CV that includes your training courses, bachelor’s degree, and summer jobs. Try to use more powerful and effective phrases to create a unique or personal resume. This way, employers will not be bored thinking about your application and you will outperform other applicants. Show your true self and passion for work while preserving your professional image. Instead of creating a boring resume, write one that your potential employer will enjoy reading.

Learn how to improve your way of searching on the Internet

Not many recent graduates can search the Internet in a more effective way. There are tons of professional networking tools that you can access for free, and although some platforms are not as great as Twitter or Facebook, they can be a great way to get your first job.

Follow up on your order

Remember, it is not enough to send your resume and wait for a letter or phone call from the employer. Instead, try to follow up on your request by sending an email or phone call to make sure that employers know the extent of your interest, but your follow-up should not reach the point that you are bothering the potential employer. It may be better to just ask for an “opinion” about your application, to show that you want to improve even if you are not successful in getting that job.

Stop setting unrealistic expectations

Australians famously have a saying: “plan for the worst and hope for the best”. Try to make your expectations rational at first, especially if you are a recent graduate. And if you don’t have enough work experience, don’t feel discouraged if you relapse. Trust yourself, because persistence is one of the most important traits a fresh graduate needs. Many career experts believe that fresh graduates focus on getting the “best” jobs rather than getting the first job that helps them start in a new field of work. Be practical … if you don’t get the best jobs, you will have ample opportunity to learn and develop new skills.

Pay great attention to job interviews

Try to appear as professional as possible when doing job interviews even when you are applying for an unpaid job. Do some research about the company you are applying to, and then put on appropriate clothing when you go to the interview there. Get to the company’s headquarters early, and prepare simple and brief answers to the frequently asked questions “Where do you see yourself five years from now?”

Regardless of these tips, many career experts believe that the right appearance and attitude will help you land a suitable job after graduating from university. If technical skills can be learned at university, many companies are looking for fresh graduates with a lot of energy and enthusiasm – skills that cannot be learned from a textbook!

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