While you plan to study in Ukraine, you should also consider getting comfortable accommodation.

There are many housing options that are available to students, where you can live with a local family, or in a hostel, apartment, dormitory (university city), college with boarding houses, or in private rented property.

Remember that your choice of housing greatly affects your education, health and overall well-being. Although there are many options available, choosing the one most suitable for you can make your study experience rich and enjoyable.

Many students choose to live at a university or college (referred to as “campus”) or live with a local family when they reach their new city. This allows you to learn about your new city and create a network of people who can help you.

Living with your friends in rented housing off campus can be one of the least expensive options, but this option means that you will live with other people. Here are some tips to help make your new life easier:

1. Communication

One of the most important things is open communication when staying with other people. Many people choose to hang a note in an obvious place (like a refrigerator) or create a WhatsApp group to exchange private messages. This is a great way to inform everyone about the things that affect living together together.

2. House rules

Everyone has their own living habits. Therefore, setting clear house laws in the beginning can help you avoid difficult or embarrassing situations later. Examples of these rules include:

  • Clean up the kitchen after cooking
  • Change the toilet roll when it’s finished
  • Ensure that the toilet is clean after use
  • Get permission from your roommate before taking any friends home
  • Get permission from your roommate before borrowing anything
  • Invoices – Who is responsible for them and how are they divided
  • Stay calm because everyone has different sleep times
  • Rules for using common spaces (what to leave there, size, etc.)
  • Fridge – Make sure everyone has their own shelf or space

3. Task schedule

  • What is a common home business?
  • Who will do these tasks?
  • When is the performance of these household chores?

4. Spend the day with your roommates

Home is your shelter; So the ideal way to live a harmonious life is to spend some time each week sharing with your roommates doing some things together. Examples include having a group meal, going out for entertainment, shopping or just sitting and relaxing with them.

5. Be flexible and understanding

Learning flexibility and understanding with others is the most important thing to enjoy a harmonious life. Sometimes you have to think about how to arrive at a solution instead of thinking about what happened. We know that talking is easy and doing is hard, but good luck and enjoy the experience!

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