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Study in Kharkiv, Student Life and Cost of Living

With a lifestyle that is hard to beat, Kharkiv is Ukraine’s most exciting education destination.

Kharkiv is a city in northeast Ukraine. Sprawling Freedom Square is home to the constructivist Derzhprom building. Shevchenko Park features botanic gardens and a zoo. Kharkiv State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre stages regular performances. Southwest is the huge Annunciation Cathedral, with 5 domes and a bell tower. Northeast, Maxim Gorky Central Park has a giant Ferris wheel and a cable car. 

Things to do

Kharkiv is a wonderful city in every respect, especially with regard to the local attractions. Let’s start with the fact that Kharkiv, unlike other places visited by tourists, has not one, but more than ten generally recognized symbols. So, the first must see is Svoboda Square, which is considered the largest square in Ukraine. To represent its size, you need to multiply the Red Square in Moscow by five. On the “Maidan Svobodi”, as the Ukrainians call the square, there is another famous landmark of Kharkov – the House of State Industry. According to historians, it was the tallest building not only in the Soviet Union, but throughout Europe, which housed the offices of large industrial enterprises.

Of course, you won’t be able to visit all the interesting places in the city in one day. But it is quite enough to run through the main attractions. What can a student see in Kharkov in one day? We offer you one of the options for a one-day walk. Read More…

Average Monthly costs

Kharkiv is 6.44% less expensive than Kiev

Rent in Kharkiv is, on average, 32.52% lower than in Kiev.

  • Rent: $165-250
  • Food: $50-100
  • Electricity/gas: $10-25
  • Transport: $10-15
  • Internet/phone: $4
  • Other: $50+
  • Total: $220-480



Kharkiv has several train lines from Central that take you outwards from the Central Business District . There are several train stations in Kharkov dedicated to suburban trains, and there is a main station known as Kharkov South Station, which is dedicated to trips to Ukrainian cities as well as international trips to Europe.


Buses are a great option for getting to and from Kharkov’s metropolitan areas. With a huge network and frequent services, there’s a good chance there’ll be a bus stop near you and you won’t have to wait too long for the next bus to stop either.


There are a few taxi ranks located around Kharkiv where you can line up and get a taxi. Otherwise you can try hailing one from the side of the road.


Uber became legal in Kharkiv in 2017 and offers a safe and cheap alternative to taxis.

Kharkiv’s suburbs

City Centre

Kharkiv’s city centre is filled with so much to do that you’ll probably end up spending quite a lot of time here. Sample the coffee, try some of the fancy restaurants and enjoy the stunning views over the river. The beautiful Gorky Park – the oldest public park in Kharkiv – provides an ideal spot for relaxation and exploration. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch the melodic bell chimes of the Cathedral’s nearby.

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