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Am I eligible to study in Ukraine?

In order to study in Ukraine, there are a set of entry requirements for Ukrainian scientific institutions that you must fulfill first.

The conditions for studying in Ukraine (including proof of English language skill) differ depending on the level of education you want. Universities and schools can have different entry requirements. Therefore, please read the study program information on the university’s page carefully.

An UA.University advisor will help you assess your eligibility for the various programs and guide you in joining the study programs and locations that meet your preferences.

How much does it cost to study in Ukraine?

The costs of studying from a university or school in Ukraine vary greatly, as it depends on the nature of the program, the length of your stay, the distance of travel, and the nature of life you want there.

The study prices can be limited between 1500 dollars to 5800 dollars annually as a maximum, depending on the major that you will choose.

Discuss your budget with an UA.University advisor  to help you find a choice that suits your needs.

What should I take into account when choosing a subject and place of study?

When you want to make a decision about a topic and place of study, start thinking about the academic benefits and your career goals that you want to achieve in the future.

  • Take the time to research specific study programs, majors and job and internship options.
  • Find the university’s location, prestige and rankings, as well as the time you want to spend away from home and the costs of studying and living in Ukraine.
  • Studying in Ukraine is not just a study program. Think about the lifestyle you prefer – Want to live in a cosmopolitan city or a quiet city? Do you prefer to live in a city where there are other students of your nationality? Do you want your stay close to the beach, forest or desert “Oleshky Sands the only desert in Europe” ? Do you want to live on campus?

  • If you want to discover the option of residency in order to work in the city after completing your studies, you must familiarize yourself with the immigration policies in Ukraine and know that government policies can change at any time.

When you think about the subject and place of study, the UA.University advisor  matches your study goals with the study programs offered by more than 600 universities, colleges and schools , and will also guide you in joining the courses and institutions that suit your desires.

Will studying in Ukraine help me find a good job?

There is no doubt that your career will benefit well from your experience studying in Ukraine, living and socializing abroad. Studying in Ukraine is your opportunity to develop many new skills, in addition to developing your views and skills in the English, Ukrainian and Russian languages and gaining practical experiences from employers you wish to work for.

Will my degree from Ukraine be accredited in my country?

The skills and qualifications that employers and professional registration bodies need varies from state to state. For example, if you are seeking to obtain a job with strict admission requirements such as medicine, engineering, accounting and teaching, you must carefully research the registration requirements required by the registration authorities associated with that job in your country.

Since Ukraine’s accession to the Bologna Agreement in 2005, the Ukrainian certificates have become in conformity with the standards of the European Union and are adopted in all European Union countries, Britain and the United States of America, and these countries’ accreditation of Ukrainian certificates has given them international credibility and accreditation in other countries.

Can I work and study at the same time?

Working while studying abroad enhances your study experience as well as your life and work experience. And if you are studying towards a university degree or a higher degree, you may be allowed to work under your visa as an international student.

And before starting any paid work, make sure your visa allows it. Opportunities for students to work part-time while studying varies from university to university.

Many universities have specialized employment centers on campus, and these centers advertise available job opportunities to help students develop their skills.

The University Career Services is a useful source of information.

How long does the application process to study in Ukraine take?

We recommend that you start the application process at least a 2 months in advance so that you have sufficient time to allow you to process the application processes and prepare for study in Ukraine.

Note that the school year begins at different times of the year, depending on the city.

The following are the semester dates:

Fall semester runs from August through December , The study ends at the end of June.

Spring semester runs from January through March , The study ends at the end of December.

Registration for the Preparatory year is open throughout the year.

The above mentioned dates are only indicative, so you should always check appointments with an UA.University advisor.

What is UA.University?

UA.University is a global leader in international education, and aims to help students study in Ukraine. Over the past 12 years, the Foundation has created a vast network of opportunities in 32 cites around Ukraine.

UA.University’s experienced consultants help you transform your ambition to study in Ukraine into a launch pad for your professional and personal success.

Will UA.University Education help me with advice after I have been awarded a place to study and a student visa?

Our services are not limited to providing advice and assistance in submitting applications, but we will help you by providing all the necessary services that you need when living in Ukraine, such as health insurance, changing currency, housing, opening a bank account, and obtaining a SIM card.

We will provide you with legal aid throughout your studies and will support you until you graduate.

UA.University will invite you to attend a pre- departure session , which addresses topics such as students’ lives in Ukraine, providing advice for adapting to the new culture, and how to deal with homesickness.

We also host welcome activities when you arrive in Ukraine, where you can meet your colleagues and former international students from all over the world.

Is there a fee to see an UA.University counselor?

UA.University provides its services for free, and does not charge any fees for booking an appointment with one of its consultants, but there are some simple fees such as postage and document legalization fees. For more information, please contact your nearest UA.University office or via this form .